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Silky Talk with Veronica Timms of Vénti Cosmetics

Silky Talk with Veronica Timms of Vénti Cosmetics

Veronica Timms is truly a beauty guru! No one is more qualified to talk about beauty than her. She has done everything from working at beauty supply stores, and being a hairstylist to teaching cosmetology! Now she has added creative director to her resume with the launch of her very own make-up line Vénti Cosmetics. She is truly touching every aspect of this industry so it was only right to bring Silky Talk back with her. 

1. What was the inspiration behind creating Vénti Cosmetics? Vénti is a break down of my name. Veronica Ni'cole Timms pronounced (V-N-T). Vénti will represent everything that I'm passionate about. The inspiration behind Vénti is wanting to build an empire to call my own. I've worked in hair salons, beauty schools, and a beauty supply. It is my time to boss up!

2. Did you have a hard time finding a manufacturer? When I worked at Sally Beauty,I met a customer that I developed a relationship with. She would come into the store looking for me to help her find eyelashes. Her family manufactured eyelashes.She was waiting for her shipment but in the meantime she needed my help. She always loved my lashes and trusted my opinion. Long story short, she introduced me to her people out of China.

3. What has been the most challenging part of creating your cosmetics line? The most challenging part for me was deciding how I wanted my logo and packaging to look.I lost a lot of sleep around that time.

4. What is your must have make-up product? 4 Mac Eyeshadows that I use whenever I want to get dolled up.

5. What is your favorite Vénti product? Vénti "Magic"3D Mink Hair Eyelashes and my lip color called "Lullaby Music".

6. What advice would you give someone wanting to start a cosmetic line? Don't procrastinate! Put your heart in it!

7. What's your favorite make-up tip or trick? Always stay moisturized and drink a lot of water. Any type of make-up looks horrible being applied on top of dry skin. 

8. Anything new coming out soon? Vénti Eyelash Adhesive

9. Where would you like to see Vénti Cosmetics in five years? Growing from an online store to a store front. Growing from cosmetics to vegan skin and hair products. There is no limit!

10. Enough beauty talk lets have some fun:

Favorite Food: Vegetarian tacos and California rolls

Biggest Fear: Losing my independence

Prized Possession: My accomplishments


To learn more about Vénti Cosmetics connect with them online at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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