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It is amazing how much money women spend on hair extensions and wigs only to throw them in the closet, drawer, or plastic bag when their not being worn. What a waste to do such a thing when you can do something so simple to prolong the hair by keeping it in a Silky Sak! Silky Saks, LLC was launched in July of 2017 by entrepreneur Ecouia Harrison for that exact reason. "Back in 2014 I was at home depressed. My Dad had just came out of ICU. I needed to buy some new hair because my weave hair was old and messed up. After pulling it out of the plastic bag I was storing it in. I realized if I had a nice bag to keep it in, the hair would be in better condition and last longer." Hence Silky Saks was born. Keeping your hair in our luxurious silk charmeuse lined saks will keep your hair safe from damage and promote longevity as well as create more space by keeping your hair nicely organized! Silk is a soft, natural lustrous fiber that contains proteins and 18 essential amino acids which helps to counter the effects of aging. By storing your hair in our Silky Sak friction from harmful surfaces over time are reduced which help to counter hair breakage, damage, and matting. The "silkiness" of our silk charmeuse lined Silky Sak will help to retain moisture in your extensions and/or wigs therefore giving you more wear time before ultimately having to be replaced. Used by professional hairstylist and consumers alike, Silky Saks keeps your extensions and wigs safe at home and on the road. Silky Saks line also has an array of other products and styling tools to help keep your hair Silky!

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