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2017 Fall Hair Trends

2017 Fall Hair Trends

The Fall/Autumn Season is coming! The leaves are changing and your hairstyles should too. Here are 5 hairstyles that are on trend for the 2017 season.
Undone Braid: Braids are on trend for Fall but our favorite is the undone braid. This style is simple but elegant. Rather it's a fishtail or or a 3 strand braid pulled loose the undone braid this style can be dressed up or down. 
Low Ponytails: Low sleek ponytails are in. This style is so easy to do simply sleek your hair down and add your ponytail at the nape of your neck. You can wear with or without a part. If your hair is not long enough add hair extensions or purchase a hair extension ponytail.
Natural Textures: What is your hair's natural texture? Long or short doesn't matter. Wear your texture with pride curls, waves, kinks are all beautiful and are on trend this Fall. If you don't have texture in your hair add texture by braiding hair overnight or add crimps or waves with a curling iron or wand.

Face Framing Tendrils: Face framing tendrils are so gorgeous. This style was super popular in the 90's. They add a soft and beautiful touch to your hair and face. Since ponytails are on trend add some in the front or with an updo. When wearing your hair down you can also curl or style your hair to frame your face.
Hair Accessories: Like the face framing tendrils this is also a 90's trend that has come back. Bows, hair clips, ribbons, and headbands are on trend for the Fall season. You can buy designer or even DIY your own hair accessories! Use your imagination and creativity with this trend.
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