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Silky Talk with Tamara NéCole

Silky Talk with Tamara NéCole

Happy New Year! 2017 is here and we are kicking off the new year with Silky Talk. Silky Talk is our new blog series featuring interviews with fabulous people in the hair and beauty industry. To kick of the series we interviewed Miss So Saddity herself Tamara NéCole. She is a Los Angeles based hairstylist whose leaving her mark in Hollywood styling reality tv stars tresses. Tamara has been a stylist for five years and specializes in weaves and hair coloring. She has used social media to create and build her amazing brand So Saddity.  Recently she became a hairstylist for E!'s Hollywood & Football and has more exciting things coming this year!
1. What where you doing before you became a hairstylist?
I was a was a wardrobe stylist.
2. What about being a hairstylist brings you the most joy?
I love making people feel beautiful.
3. What is your typical day like?
I wake up and thank God. check all my social media sites then I get ready for work. I get to the shop around 10am and stay there and work until about 9pm. Then maybe I'll go out with my boyfriend or co-workers and then home. LOL
4. Tell us something about your career that most people would find hard to believe? 
I don't know how to use a pressing pad.
5. If you could start again what would you do different?
I would have started doing hair sooner.


6.  What hairstyle or trend are you completely over?Frontals but don't tell anyone I said that LOL!

7. We love your brand "So Saddity"! What is the inspiration behind it? High class hair for everyday woman.

8. What advice would you give to someone just starting in the business? Work everyday like it's your last and stay humble.

9. Do you have anything new coming up or out? A lot! My 2017 will be lit so stay tuned. 

10. Enough hair talk let's have some fun:

Favorite movie? Love Jones

Last book you read? Girlboss

Your weakness? Chanel....

To find our more about Tamara NéCole visit Follow her on Instagram. 

All pictures are owned and were used by permission from Tamara NéCole and SoSaddity. 


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