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5 Winter Hair Tips

5 Winter Hair Tips

Winter time is here and the elements can be harmful to your hair and scalp. Here are five tips you can use to help your hair to stay protected and healthy throughout the season..
1. The best way to protect your hair is to keep it covered with a scarf and/or hat. If you wear a scarf preferably it should be silk or satin. You should also wrap your hair in a silk or satin scarf before putting your hat on to help protect it from friction damage caused by the hat rubbing against your hair. We recommend a "SLAP" a satin lined beanie that protects your hair while keeping you warm.
2. Use a leave-in conditioner when styling your hair. The cold weather and indoor heating systems dry your hair out. The leave-in conditioner will help keep some much needed moisture.
3. Also the Winter is a good time to add a deep conditioning treatment to your hair regiment every two weeks. Products like hair masques and deep conditioning conditioners are a must to keep your hair strands hydrated.
4. If you can help it keep hair washes to a minimum. Washing your hair once a week should do the job. When you do wash your hair use warm or cool water instead of hot water because the heat can damage your tresses.
5. Keep your hair in good health with regular trims during this season. Because your hair trends to be more dry and brittle during Winter it's prone to split. Regular trims can help reduce your split ends.
Well those are five tips to keep your mane beautiful this season. Share your Winter best practices below.
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