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Wig 101 Series

Wig 101 Series

Wigs are becoming more popular! In the new decade more and more people are getting in on the wig trend because of their favorite celebrities. Wigs are no longer for grandmas or carry a stigma. We love wigs and wanted to do our part in putting you in the know; so we created a Wig 101 series. The series is five videos where we break down everything from how to buy a wig; to how to put it on, to products and tips, and last storage. If you want to know more about wigs then this is the series for you. We listed the playlist below just hit the lines on the right side of the screen to go through the videos. Now go ahead get started on the series and up your skills!

Wigs 101 Series:

1. How To Purchase A Wig

2. Wig Terms & Meanings

3. How To Put On Wig

4. Tools, Products, & Tips

5. How To Store A Wig

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