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Silky Talk with MakeUp Artist Christian McGee

Silky Talk with MakeUp Artist Christian McGee

Christian McGee is a makeup artist, model, and plus size blogger based in Sacramento, CA. We had the pleasure of working with Christian of ImBlushin MakeUp Artistry on our very first photoshoot! She has built her businesses all while being a mother of 5 children! This superwoman truly has found a way to balance it all. Find out how she makes it all look so effortless while being glamorous.

1. What where you doing before you became a make up artist? Before assuming the title of “makeup artist”, I was a social work student at Sacramento State University. I held different entry-level positions with the state, county and the federal government. I’ve always worked a full-time job while working for myself as a makeup artist.

2. What about being a makeup artist brings you the most joy? No joy is greater than having that apprehensive client who sits in your chair and allows you to work your magic as an artist and when they look in the mirror, they're ecstatic about who they see. It’s really touching to witness the reactions of mothers for example, who are getting made up for the first time since their first child was born. Women love that feeling of seeing that they haven’t lost “it”. 

3. When you’re doing make up looks what inspires you? I am inspired by so many things when doing makeup it just depends on the occasion. If I am doing makeup for a maternity shoot I am inspired by the fact that the woman is bringing forth life and therefore should be gracefully beautiful and glowing. If I am doing makeup for a woman who is turning 40, I am inspired by her youthfulness, maturity and sexiness. 

4. Tell us your best make up tip? My best makeup tip surprisingly isn’t makeup itself actually but rather good skin care. If one wants great makeup application, invest in good, quality skin care (regiment, products, etc.).  

5. What is your go to makeup product? My go to makeup product right now is Fashion Fair’s setting powder. It never cakes on the skin, it sets foundation seamlessly and the shade range is downright beautiful!

6. What makeup trend are you completely over? I am completely over overdrawn lips and super wingy, sharp, pointed brows.                

7. You're also a plus size fashion blogger how do you find time to balance it all? It really is a struggle because the scales are never balanced. Something will get neglected at some point. I'm learning that I can be creative and divide my attention between several things I enjoy at one time. I also have a career and family that take precedence and that makes it harder. I think since I've juggled it this long, it's just become part of me. My blog definitely gets neglected but I plan to change that soon.

8. What advice would you give to an inspiring makeup artist? My advice to an aspiring makeup artist is to do YOUR research yourself, invest in yourself and don’t sleep on your craft or rely on others to improve your craft. It take time, hard work, TFP/TFCD’s, pro bono shows, money and dedication to be progressive. 

9. Do you have anything new coming up or out? I do! I am planning to add my 3D brow microblading and lash extension services to my service list this year. Stay tuned!      

10. Enough beauty talk let's have some fun:

Favorite Movie? Beverly Hills Cop (all of them).

Favorite Make-Up Artist? I am loving the work of Renny Vasquez right now. 

Favorite Food? I LOVE food! OMG! I’m loving beef Pho with that spicy hot sauce and hella cilantro right now. 

For more information on Christian McGee you can like her on Facebook or follow her blog Plus Curvy Christian.


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