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Silky Talk with Akilah Williams of In AAW Hair Emporium, LLC

Silky Talk with Akilah Williams of In AAW Hair Emporium, LLC

Akilah Williams the owner of In AAW Hair Emporium, LLC. In AAW Hair Emporium not only sells hair extensions but creates custom wigs. She even donates some of the wigs to alopecia and cancer patients. Read to find out her simple wig making tip.
1. What inspired you to start In AAW Hair Emporium?
It was important for me to help women feel beautiful. I work with a lot of women dealing with hair loss from Cancer or Alopecia.
2. What is your favorite product that you sell and why?
Custom units because for me when I wear a new unit I feel like a new person. Kinda like going to the hair dresser and getting your hair laid.
3. There is so much competition in the hair industry. How do you set yourself apart?
I try to offer the best affordable prices and customer service.
4. What obstacle did you face starting your business?
A lot of people sell hair so there is a lot of competition.
5. Sourcing is a big part of owning a hair company. What is one question someone should always ask a potential supplier?
For a price list and samples of the hair.
6. What tip can you give someone wanting to create their own wigs?
Watch YouTube, I learned many different things there.
7. What is your favorite way to wear hair extensions and why?
In a custom unit... I'm a wig girl to my heart LOL. It also helps the to hair last longer.
8. What hair trend or style are you over?
The 28/30 inch hair.
9. Anything new coming out from In AAW Hair Emporium?
I am working on a blazer line and having custom bonnets made with my logo on them.
10. Enough beauty talk lets have some fun:
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite TV Show: Shoots Fired or Power
Your Weakness: Love
To find our more about In AAW Hair Emporium follow them on Instagram and Facebook.
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